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4 Benefits of Using A Desk Booking System For The Hybrid Office

In any office, desks comprise of almost 60%-70% of the occupied area. Desks are where staff does most of their work while meeting rooms are used for collaboration and discussions. While meeting rooms usually have very high usage rates with constant complaints of not enough to go around, desk usage

6 Ways To Book Meeting Rooms and Desks

Flexibility in making a booking is key to a simplified booking system. Different users will have different preferences on how they would like to book a meeting room or reserve a desk. A booking system like ecobook provides different methods of booking the desk and meeting room. Here are 6

QR-Code Scanning Using Mobile App For Meeting Room And Desk Booking System

4 Ways QR Code Helps In Office Management & Desk Booking

QR Codes or “Quick Response” codes, have become quite ubiquitous in modern times with its capability to compact and encode information of various types. Modern smart phones can capture, interpret and react to them using their camera to provide a wide variety of applications. Unlike barcodes, QR Code technology can store

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Desk Management Strategies For The Return To Office

Many cities are still in the grips of the pandemic with multi-wave resurgence in cases. However, some cities have decided to loosen the rules on stay home notices and are encouraging the economy by opening up the offices for work. With the pandemic still raging, offices will begin opening up

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