QR-Code Scanning Using Mobile App For Meeting Room And Desk Booking System

4 Ways QR Code Helps In Office Management & Desk Booking

QR Codes have become quite popular in modern times with its capability to encode and compact information of various types and the ability of modern devices to capture, interpret and react to the codes. Unlike barcodes, QR Code technology can store a variety of information including business cards and website links.

Desk Management Strategies & Planning For The Return To Office

While many cities are still in the grips of the pandemic with multi-wave resurgence in the cases, some cities have decided to loosen the rules on stay home notices and encourage the economy by opening up the offices for visits. With the pandemic still raging, offices will begin opening up

Simple Guide To Desk & Room Planning For Office Reopening

The current pandemic has thrown new challenges for office managers and executives on how to ensure that staff return to office safely and confidently. While many organizations are still very much under the work from home policy, quite a few are considering staff to come back to office. With the

6 Ways To Capture Room & Desk Occupancy Data In The Office

One of the main reasons for adopting a desk booking system for your office is to determine how efficiently the space is being used and how to optimize the space. This is determined by the occupancy patterns of people who use these spaces for their work. Occupancy information helps to

Meeting Room Digital Signage – Benefits and Disadvantages

Meeting Room or Conference Room digital signage seems to be the most visual and stand out aspect of modern offices. They are the digital tablets that are mounted outside the meeting rooms that display information related to the status of the meeting. Some provide the ability to even make reservations

5 Ways To Improve Room & Desk Usage In The Office

Effective space usage has become a very critical component in today’s workplace management. With the business environment changing at a constant pace, it is important for companies to be agile and cost conscious and ensure that all their resources, including the space is being put to maximum use. Office space is

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