Resource and Equipment Booking System

Resource Booking System

Managing equipment and loan items in your office can’t get any easier.

Your organization has resources and equipment that are used for events and, conferences.
Ecobook provides a resource booking system with all the controls needed to manage and audit these resources.

Resource Booking

Whether it is IT assets, Furniture & Fittings or, audio-visual equipment, use ecobook to manage all your resources in one place.

List of All Resources and Equipment For Booking
Book Resources and Equipment With Quantity and Remarks

Powerful Rules

The resource booking system provides powerful rules including lead times, approvals and permissions.

Insightful Reports

With more than 15 reports to view and analyze your booking data from any perspective to glean information on how to better manage your resources and equipment.

How Can Resource Booking System Help...


A single portal on the web and app to find and book your resources for your events.

Resource Owners

Clear view of all bookings related to your resources. Full control over the booking rules for each resource.


Administer all resources and meeting rooms. Comprehensive reporting for future resource planning.


Better allocation and utilization of resources means cost savings and accountability.

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