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Hybrid Work Culture

Workspace of the future will most likely shift to one that is flexible which employees can work remotely from home or in office. The shift is in the mindset and the adoption of technology is helping usher in this new working arrangement.

* 73% of employees want remote work options.
*80% of companies has a work-from-home policy since the pandemic.
*47% plan to allow employees to work remotely full-time.

In a Statista survey in 2021, over 70% employees want flexible remote work options to stay. According to a Gartner survey, at least 80% of companies have announced a work-from-home policy since the start of the pandemic. Of these, a whopping 47 percent plan to allow employees to work from home full-time.
Empower our people with ultimate flexibility

Manage Workspace With a Holistic Software

While there is no one-size-fits-all Hybrid model, we provide a customisable system to help manage your workspace and resources. Our intuitive and well-integrated single platform software brings much convenience and ensures a smooth workspace and people management.

Calendar Scheduling

Organisations may design a work schedule for employees to enter the office. Some give empowerment to their people to decide how they work.

Desk Booking

Flexible seating arrangement complements the entire hybrid work culture. Allowing employees to select where and the duration they want to sit when they need that personal space.

Collaboration Space

When there's a need to collaborate with others, choose from a variety of different spaces to suit the purpose.

Social Space

Encourage people connection and relationship building by providing recreation and informal gathering rooms.

Workplace Analytics

Through the use of our analytics, we can improve the efficiency of the space. Elimiate unused space and redeign to cater to the real needs of our people.

Desk Booking

A smart desk booking system helps you take total control of the way you want to work in office. You can book an any given interval or reserve them in advance. Our desk booking system provides a clear layout view of the available desk available. Booking of a desk is just a few clicks away.

Book Desk

Let the employees enjoy a peace of mind and ease of use with our user friendly booking system. Booking of a desk is just seconds away.

Book On The Go

Make reservations while you are at home or on the way to work with our intuitive Mobile App. Book on our mobile app for the added convenience.

Collaboration Space

The main function of the office now, is a place where one meets with colleagues, customers and business partners to collaborate and exchange ideas. And most importantly, for that human interaction. Hence, it is important to design the right space for the different purpose in mind. To better manage these spaces, have in place a system to help manage the flow of occupancy, thereby providing a peace of mind that the space is always available when one needs it.

Book Room

Make a booking of the workspace you need with this simple yet powerful system. Company can set rules to the use of the room including one that auto-cancels the booking if it has not been checked in when the time is up. This way, you can optimise the space and use it to its fullest.

Book On The Go

Make reservations while you are at home or on the way to work with our intuitive Mobile App. Book on our mobile app for the added convenience.

Interactive Room Display Panels

For a dynamic office where people are always on the move, being tied down to your computer is the last thing that you want when looking for a meeting room. With a simple tap of your staff card or unique PIN code entry, you can get started on your meeting without having to worry about having to power-up your laptop.

Digital Signages

A large office overview and wayfinder soluton updates employees and visitors on the activities happening in the office. Visualise all upcoming meetings, desk availability and resources on these digital boards. Intergrate with other content such as corporate videos, powerpoint slides or plain HTML content.

Social Space

Activity based work environment encourages collaboration in meeting rooms, lunch rooms, and other spaces that aren’t necessarily a traditional desk. New ideas are often generated in an informal setting. Important information can also be passed on that might otherwise get overlooked during formal meetings. Not forgetting the lunchtime chats and impromptu discussions in various places that can lead to all sorts of important discoveries.

Great Features For The Hybrid Work

Calendar Scheduling

- Plan and create your own schedule in advance.
- A clean interface of the Calendar view displays the monthly schedule of all your bookings.

Clear Business Rules

- Pre-defined business rules are clearly displayed for each room and desk.
- Eliminate confusion and disappointment when you can't book the workspace you need.

Fast Reservation

- Do away with complex forms and request sheets.
- Graphical interface provides you with instant visibility on the seats for a selected duration.

Notifications & Alerts

- Get notified through email when you book meetings.
- Email alerts to remind Room owners to approve requests.

Enhanced Booking with Existing Calendars

- Book workspace from your existing Calendar, convenient and fast.
- Integrations available for Outlook, Office365, Yahoo, or Gmail calendars.

People Finder

- User finder can easily determine where the person is sitting and whether a seat is available next to them.
- Collaboration made simple.

Other Digital Solutions To Enhance Hybrid Work Culture

Venue Rental

With a hybrid work model, companies can now leverage on their empty rooms or work desk by adopting a co-working space concept.

Rent out underutilized meeting rooms or desks and leverage on the rooms and desks with our Venue Rental Module.

To find out more, call our team at 8157 3525 to find out more, or arrange for a DEMO with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

By clearly managing the allocation of desks and having controls such as auto-release or unoccupied bookings, you make better usage of your desks.

Now your company’s growth is not tied to your staff strength or space. By rules such as rostering and scheduling, usage of each desk increases.

You can still have control over your desks with access rights, booking conditions and workflow settings.

Get detailed insights into the usage of space, occupancy rates, bookings, cancellations and no-shows by facility or user.

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