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Business Rules

Business rules are rules that control the booking of rooms and desks. Business rules are set for each room and desk providing you complete control over the rooms and desks.

The business rules are provided below.

# Rule Description
1 Advance booking window Indicates how far into the future that a room or desk can be booked.
2 Lead time Indicates the duration before which a user can make a booking.
3 Booking hours Indicates the hours of the day when bookings are allowed.
4 Days of week Indicates the days of the week when a booking can be made.
5 Public holiday Indicates if a room or desk can be booked on public holidays.
6 Approval group Indicates the group of users who can approve booking for a controlled room or desk.
7 Cancellation window Indicates any cut off for cancellation before and after the start of the booking.
8 Auto-cancel window Indicates if auto-cancellation of bookings is allowed and the cut-off time.
9 Lead time Indicates the lead time for checking-in.
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