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Bookings are made on a meeting room, desk or equipment.

A booking must always have a start and end date and time and must be associated with a user.

There are several ways of making bookings such as scheduler, layout, form, outlook plugin, mobile app, tablet, kiosk and even your enterprise calendaring system such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace.

Filters can be used to fine tune your search for a specific meeting room or desk. For example, you can filter by category, location, capacity and amenities that the specific room or desk has.

For meeting room bookings, you can also invite users to the booking. When users are invited, they are sent an email confirmation.

Bookings can be single or recurring like daily, weekly, and monthly patterns.

Bookings can be edited or cancelled.

If enabled for the specific meeting room or desks, users are required to check-in to the booking to ensure that it is occupied. If not, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

An email notification will be sent when a booking is made, edited or cancelled. Reminders can also be sent if required.

For checking into the booking, an app notification will be sent to the user who has downloaded and installed the ecobook mobile app.

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