Collaboration Through Partnerships

Great things can be achieved when we work together.

System Integrators

Our system integration partners provide more than just reselling and distribution. They take our product and improve on it by enhancing it with functionality that their customers need.

System integrators provide a complete solution to their customers of which our products may be a part of the whole. You will learn more on the technology aspect and how our products can work with your solutions.

Resellers & Distributors

Resellers and Distributors are critical to the success of the partnership community. Partners can refer our products to their customers and in return earn referral fees and commissions. Partners who have technology expertise can also take up implementation roles.

We welcome resellers and distributors globally and will get exclusive access to our specialized content, brochures, product updates and opportunity forwarding.

Interior Designers & Architects

The offices of tomorrow have “smart” built into them. From digital signages to way-finders and room display panels to sensors. When it comes to working with us, we understand the importance of form meeting function and aesthetic aspects that make up the new office.

We welcome interior designers to partner with us in enhancing the office workspace to cater to the increasing need of digital technologies that become the core DNA of the future smart office.

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