Occupancy Detection Using Sensors

Occupancy Detection Using Sensors The ecobook platform is designed to work with sensors by capturing telemetry information on occupancy and providing insights into the usage of meeting spaces.

Using telemetry data can provide insights into space usage and can even pro-actively react to the environment such as cancelling meetings and turning off the lighting and air-conditioning if space is not used.

Frequently Asked Questions

By clearly managing the allocation of desks and having controls such as auto-release or unoccupied bookings, you make better usage of your desks.

Now your company’s growth is not tied to your staff strength or space. By rules such as rostering and scheduling, usage of each desk increases.

You can still have control over your desks with access rights, booking conditions and workflow settings.

Get detailed insights into the usage of space, occupancy rates, bookings, cancellations and no-shows by facility or user.

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