Building Automation

Extend ecobook to work with your building automation system.

Building Management

Smart Solutions provide office automation systems to improve day-to-day operations.

Our IoT solutions help enhance employees’ productivity and happiness.

A happy team brings about the overall success of your business.

Features of the Building Automation

Lighting & Equipment

Switch-On/Off the lighting, projectors, AV equipment before and after the meeting to save energy.


Switch-On/Off the airconditioning before and after the meeting to save energy.

Door Access Control

Secure your rooms so that only those who have requested are able to scan their card and enter the room.


Determine real-time occupancy data on your work space.

IoT Ready

Connect your IoT devices to gather intelligence and control usage of rooms.

Visitor Gantry

Integrate with existing visitor gantry or turnstile systems to monitor visitor flow and get notified.


By clearly managing the allocation of desks and having controls such as auto-release or unoccupied bookings, you make better usage of your desks.

Now your company’s growth is not tied to your staff strength or space. By rules such as rostering and scheduling, usage of each desk increases.

You can still have control over your desks with access rights, booking conditions and workflow settings.

Get detailed insights into the usage of space, occupancy rates, bookings, cancellations and no-shows by facility or user.

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