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Smart Locks

Smart Locks Ecobook integrates with Smart Lock providers to help you securely and remotely manage your spaces. Ecobook uses the Smart Lock APIs to generate and send one-time PINs to allow users to access the spaces for the allotted duration. Now you can have better control over specific meeting rooms or spaces and have confidence …

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Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Detection Using Sensors Occupancy Detection Using Sensors The ecobook platform is designed to work with sensors by capturing telemetry information on occupancy and providing insights into the usage of meeting spaces. Using telemetry data can provide insights into space usage and can even pro-actively react to the environment such as cancelling meetings and turning …

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Access Control

Control Access To Spaces Ecobook integrates with your existing door access control system and EM locks by sending timely commands to its central software to allow or deny access to specific spaces for specific cards. Take control over access to spaces without having to manage the cards themselves or having to get security to change …

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Building Automation

Building Automation Extend ecobook to work with your building automation system. USED BY: Previous Next Building Management Smart Solutions provide office automation systems to improve day-to-day operations. Our IoT solutions help enhance employees’ productivity and happiness. A happy team brings about the overall success of your business. Features of the Building Automation Lighting & Equipment …

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