Visitor Managment System

Visitor Management System

A great visitor onboarding is a glimpse into your culture and brand experience.

A simple visitor management system that provides seamless access to staff, receptionist and the visitor.

A unified interface to book meeting rooms, invite visitors and helping them navigate your office.


Visitor Registration Kiosk

Create a seamless experience for the staff and visitors from a single visitor management interface.

Visitor Management Touch Screen Kiosk
Unique Sticky Labels For Visitors

Label Printing

Integrate with a thermal printer to print out labels confirming the visit. Include your logo in the label for branding.

Host Notifications

Get notified when a visitor registers successfully at the kiosk. Get notified via App or SMS depending on how you have configured the visitor management system.

SMS and App Notification After Visitors Register
Dynamic QR-Code For Visitors

QR-Code Registration

On-boarding your visitors is easy with QR-code that is sent from the visitor management system after registering them.

How Can A Visitor Management System Help...


A single portal to manage rooms and visitors. No more coordinating with reception on who is coming in.

Office Managers

Clear visibility on who is visiting the office with capability to view details of visitors, visits and walk-ins.


Business rules and permissions that limit visitor registrations by location with centralized reporting.


Simplified on-boarding process with minimal touch point. Automatic notification of the host.

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