Ecobook 10 inch Tablet With LED Status

Room Display Panels

The interactive digital touch screen panels provides instant access to meeting rooms with a simple tap and book capability.
Enhance your productivity with the ability to locate and book a room for those important ad-hoc meetings.

Everything In One Panel

The digital panel and interactive signage provides complete control over your specific meetings and the capability to see the availability of the room for the day.

Ecobook 10 inch Tablet Mounted On Wall

Simple, Secured Authentication

Authentication is simple yet secure with multiple techniques available to cater for different organizations.

Mounting & Connectivity

The digital interactive panel are easy to mount and does not require a major overhaul of your office environment.

Ecobook Digital Tablet Faceplate Mounting Breakdown
Ecobook Desk Display Interactive Tablet

Panels For Desk, Pods and Private Rooms

The 3.5 inch saucer shaped panel provides a compact digital device that helps you manage even the personal spaces such as desks, pods and telephone booths.

Centrally Managed

All digital interactive panel come with a centrally managed interface within the ecobook to configure and change device settings while monitoring their status.

Digital Signage Centrallyy Managed Interface

Technical Specifications

10-Inch Panel

3.5-Inch Panel

What Customers Say

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