Desk Booking System

Desk booking system for the new world of hybrid working.

The right desk for your work at your fingertips.


Interactive Layout

A perfect solution for the modern hybrid workplace which demands flexibility. Book across geographic locations and time zones.

Dynamic QR-Code For Visitors

Checking In & Out

Use QR Codes to check availability, book and check-into your reservations.

On The Go Mobile Access​

Use the app to quickly locate your desk or and reserve with confidence. View your upcoming reservations in your personalized landing page.


View and analyze your bookings from any perspective to glean insights on how to better manage your desk spaces.

How Can Desk Booking System Help...


A easy self-service system to find and book your favorite desks. Search for colleagues and sit next to them for collaboration.

Office Managers

Rules such as early check-in and auto release of unoccupied desks provide freedom from monitoring and managing each desk.


Business rules and permissions that increase desk utilization. Zoning and rights assignment for the right team composition.


Reports that give insights into better planning of your office space to cater to the changing needs of your workforce.

Transform to a Smart office with these add-ons

Ecobook Desk Display Interactive Tablet

Desk Display Tablet

Use a digital tablet to book spaces on the spot using your NFC staff card or PIN. Check-in and out with a simple tap of a button.

Dynamic QR-Code For Visitors


Use QR-Codes to quickly scan and book spaces using our mobile app. Check-in and out with a simple scan on the code.

Occupancy Sensors

The sensors provide a convenient way to track real-time utilization of desks in your office.

2D Way-Finder On Office Floor Plan Layout


Use an interactive way-finder to help navigate your way across your office.

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