Smart Door Lock Igloohome

Facilities Booking With Smart Locks

Smart Locks are becoming more and more popular in the corporate world. Many building operators are looking towards using smart locks that can help gain control over their spaces and assets. The key driver for the adoption of smart locks is their ability to be incorporated in both new and existing buildings with minimal changes to the existing structure. By simply adding the smart lock to the door, companies can implement access control and security with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Smart Locks come in various flavors. Some are isolated stand-alone devices while others come with a complete suite of software and cloud based services to control them. The choice and selection of the lock depends on your needs and capabilities that you expect from the lock provider.

One of the key aspects of Smart Locks is their APIs that allow third-party applications to connect to them and bring on new capabilities. One such capability that is close to our goal of having a smart office is to link ecobook with smart locks. 


By having a single system that links booking systems with smart locks is that companies can see immediate benefits such as:

  1. The ability to unlock value by monetizing their spaces through rental.
  2. Gain increased access control over who books the space.
  3. Ability to grant and revoke access rights to users based on need.
  4. Being able to confidently provide access to spaces at any time without having someone to be there to oversee the occupation.

Use Cases

There are various applications for smart locks that a company can really benefit from:

1. Monetization of your venue by opening them up to external parties to reserve and use.

2. Controlling access rights to precious resources such as laptops, projectors, 3D printers, etc.

3. Being able to control items such as key cards and vehicle keys using locks.

4. Being able to control locker usage by using pad locks.

How Does It Work

There are various methods of operation of the system and it depends a lot on the type of smart lock being used. For our current discussion, we are using the IGLOOHOME smart lock.

Once the lock is purchased and registered with your account, it’s unique identifier is linked to the specific resource in ecobook.

The booking process remains the same for all users.

Prior to the start of the reservation time, ecobook will generate a unique one-time PIN that will be sent to the requestor. The PIN is only active for the duration of the reservation.

After the reservation time, the PIN expires and the requestor is no longer able to use the space.


By linking smart locks with a booking system, companies can gain better control and visibility into their space usage. In addition to that, companies can gain an additional source of revenue by monetizing their space during all times of the day without having to man people to manage the reservations at odd hours.