QR-Code Scanning Using Mobile App For Meeting Room And Desk Booking System

4 Ways QR Code Helps In Office Management & Desk Booking

QR Codes or “Quick Response” codes have become quite ubiquitous in modern times. They can encode information of various types. Modern smart phones can capture, interpret and react to them using their camera to provide a wide variety of applications. QR Codes can store a variety of information including business

Room Display Tablet Mounted Outside Meeting Room

Meeting Room Digital Signage – Benefits and Disadvantages

Meeting Room digital signage seems to be gaining more adoption in the modern office. They are digital tablets mounted outside the meeting rooms that display meeting and status information of the room. They are one of the common tools to be considered when moving to a modern office. Some provide

Open Seating Area For Offices

5 Ways To Improve Room & Desk Usage In The Office

Effective office room & desk usage has become a very critical component in today’s workplace management. The business environment is changing. Companies are now agile and cost-conscious. They are putting all their resources, which includes the office space, to maximum use. Office space is especially vulnerable to poor usage. This

Open Office Layout

Implementing Desk Booking In Your Office

Setting up a desk booking system may seem a very daunting task with visions of overhauling the entire workplace. However, it is much easier to implement it in your existing office with the right tools like the ecobook – Desk Booking System. When implementing ecobook, these are the following items

Hot Desk Working Area

8 Benefits of a Desk Booking System For The New Office

With the rise in property prices and rental rates across major cities in the world, it is getting harder to find cost-effective spaces for companies in the center of the city or popular areas of business. Moreover, the rapid changes that are happening in the industry require companies to be

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