Highly productive office environment

How to make your office space more productive?

In today’s fast-paced work environment, productivity is the key to success. As a business owner, creating a workspace that maximizes productivity and fosters a happy work environment is essential.  Happiness and productivity are heavily correlated. According to statistics, happy and engaged employees are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase

Track your office desk utilization rate to drive profitability

Track your office desk utilization rate to drive profitability 

For organizations looking to be cost-effective, optimizing the office space has become more important than ever.   Real estate is expensive. You need to figure out the employee-to-desk ratio to make the best use of your office space.   Consider this – In a prime location like central London, the cost of

Employees in Flexible Workplace

Why should Offices adopt Flexible Workplace Strategies?

The pandemic accelerated the flexible work culture. Now that businesses have reopened, they are adopting flexible workplace strategies as part of the new normal.  Workplace flexibility does not restrict employees to a set schedule, rather, it enables employees to be active at the times of day when they are most

Visitor in Lobby At Co-Working Space

Why Your Office Needs A Visitor Management System?

In many offices, a visitor management system has become integral to the visitor experience. The reason being it is essential to keep track of people visiting or entering your office space.   Can you tell how many visitors are in your office right now? Or how many guests visited your office

Hot Desk Open Office Layout

4 Benefits of Using A Desk Booking System For The Hybrid Office

As businesses look for ways to be more agile and productive, the hybrid mode of work and flexible workspaces are becoming more and more common. Desk booking systems are being adopted more often to cater for the hybrid office. In this article we would like to highlight 4 benefits of

Open Seating Area For Offices

6 Ways To Book Meeting Rooms and Desks

It’s only natural that different users will have different preferences on how they would like to book a meeting room or reserve a desk. So, the booking system must offer flexibility. This is exactly what a simplified booking system like ecobook does — It provides different methods of booking a meeting

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