ecobook with Office 365 and Google Suite

People in most organizations are familiar with outlook or google calendars. They use it on a daily basis to plan their day.

With ecobook's integration with Office365 and G Suite Calendar, the power to manage meetings and have consistency across platforms is a powerful driver or productivity and familiarity.

Now you can better manage meetings without having to learn a new tool or install a new plug-in.

Simple Process

Use Outlook to book, edit, cancel meetings as normal and let ecobook do the rest.

Display Panels

Synchronize bookings between calendars and display panel without having to worry about conflicts.

Up-to-date users

Synchronize users so that new staff are automatically onboarded without having to create them.

Flexibile Setup

Link assets to Outlook or G Suite while maintaining others within ecobook.

Business Rules

Customize business rules on top of those in Office 365 or G Suite.

Add-Ons Ready

Link up with Way-Finders, Digital Signage and Visitor Management.

How Does It Work

ecobook uses Open ID authentication to communicate with Office 365 and G Suite. Using industry standard authentication and authorization mechanisms, ecobook can provide a seamless access from your Office 365 or G Suite application.

What users experience is a single-sign on mechanism to access ecobook. No more creation of new passwords.

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