Meeting & Conference Room Booking
Made Easy

Simple yet powerful solutions designed to make life at work easier.

Prevent Double Bookings

Prevent double booking and miscommunication through a simple web interface. Create single or recurrent meetings in one simple interface.

Eliminate Conflicts

Auto checking of conflicts prevents confusion. Be confident when making a booking, knowing that your room and resources are reserved for you only.

Simple & Fast Booking

No technical skills needed to book a room. Whether you are desk bound or on the move, you have an avenue to check and reserve rooms.

Secure Your Assets

Protect your precious assets from being misused with visibility level controls. Assign permissions for different groups of users. Gain confidence in securing your assets.

Better Controls

Bring in process by having a workflow approval for special rooms and resources. Ensure that your assets are needed by the right person at the right time.

Optimize With Reports

Optimize your workspace productivity by analyzing usage and occupancy. Whether you are monitoring usage, cancellation rates or even charges, it's there.

Room & Resource Booking System

A web-based cloud or enterprise booking system that provides control over the use of rooms and resources. With calendar and scheduler views, booking a room has never been easier.

The clean interface helps you focus on your important meetings and the booking process takes less than 5 seconds to complete.

Intelligent conflict resolution and schedule recommendation provides you peace of mind that you have the appropriate room for your meetings.

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Room Display Panel

Free yourself from your desk. Our elegantly designed room status display software provides you the speed and convenience of reserving a room when you need it.

Book room directly from the panel. View the upcoming schedules in near real-time. Extend, end or cancel meetings.

Our option of devices has a combination of NFC, LED and size configurations to fit any office and blend in with the interior design.

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Desk & Space Reservation

Reserve seats over short or long periods of time. Using a visual layout of your office and markers for seats, you can now convert your office into a more dynamic seating arrangement.

Incorporate business rules to efficiently manage seating rules. Color coded status indicates reserved, occupied and vacant seats.

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Visitor Management

Invite external visitors for your meetings right from the booking system. Use standard bar-code or QR-code scanners to scan visitors.

Get notified when visitors arrive through email or SMS. Be on the know when they check-in and check-out.

Works on Android, Apple & Windows tablets and desktops.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage is a modern necessity for most organisations where people are on the move.

A combination of digital signage and way-finder can get you to your meeting fast and can help visitors navigate around your office buildings.

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